Voice of the Customer

CorFlow has conducted an extensive market research study which included an in-depth survey of 207 interventional cardiologists across Europe (54) and the US (153). The study documents an overwhelming support for CorFlow’s technology to meet an unmet need, including the following findings:

  • 93% of the interventional cardiologists surveyed felt that detecting and treating MVO has clinical value;

  • 89% are currently using one or more methods to detect MVO during or after the pPCI procedure;

  • 89% believed the CoFI System would improve short- and/or long-term clinical outcomes;

  • 87% indicated they would be likely to consider using the CoFI System;

  • In this study, 95% of the respondents reported they would use the CoFI system as described and that on average they would use it to test 62% of their patients. If this system was also capable of treating MVO, 99% of the respondents reported they would use it and on average they would test 73% of their PCI STEMI patients.